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Scaling/Polishing Treatment

What is scaling/polishing treatment?

Scaling is a routine dental procedure for patients who have gum disease. This is a type of dental cleaning that reaches below the gumline to remove plaque buildup. NRQ Executive Dental Practice provides this dental treatment in Karachi in a state of the art dental clinic.

Why is it important?

This dental treatment is important because:

  • Although brushing and flossing removes most of the plaque, but if some plaque is not removed, it hardens and turns into calculus, known as tartar
  • Scaling sometimes provides therapeutic relief to problems like gingivitis or periodontitis; or can be done for preventive purpose
  • Most of the time it can help with a very common problem of bad breath
  • Certain times, tartar gets deposited under the gums despite having immaculate oral hygiene habits, only a dentist can assist one in maintaining decent oral habits
  • Stubborn stains of smoking, tea or coffee can be removed by scaling
  • Regular visits to the dentist for scaling save one from formation of cavities, as plaque accumulation over time can lead to development of cavities, timely removal can help reduce the formation of cavities. Moreover, if a cavity has developed then it can be addressed while it is in its initial stages
  • Since scaling improves the health of the gums and the bone surrounding the teeth, it has been proven via research over time healthy gums can lead to improved systemic conditions that affect the body

What are the consequences of not getting it done?

NRQ Executive Dental Practice has been providing dental treatments in Karachi for over two decades and has witnessed the consequences of not getting this dental treatment done timely. If you delay your dental treatment (Scaling):

  • It allows the plaque to build up and harden into calculus, it can lead to gingivitis
  • If left untreated for a long time then it will lead to periodontitis, that is the recession of gums and bone loss. It is an irreversible process if there is bone loss
  • When left untreated it can lead to formation of cavities
  • Sometimes teeth look unclean which leads to an unpleasant smile simply because there are stains present on it
  • Frequently one ends up with bad breath, becomes a challenge socially, which mostly dampens self-esteem and confidence. A visit to the dentist can restore such an issue
  • Brushing twice a day may allow one to have teeth that look clean as well as a fresh breath, but the hidden plaque that turns into calculus can cause silent destruction of the bone resulting in loose teeth, teeth that drift apart or puffy gums
  • Research shows that untreated gums can sometimes lead to low-birth-weight babies or preterm birth. Furthermore, it can also worsen other systemic conditions that can worsen oral health, which leads to inadequate nutritional intake. Hence it turns into a vicious cycle

Will scaling weaken/ loosen my teeth?

Most commonly asked question about this dental treatment! Read further to find the answer:

Scaling DOES NOT weaken or loosen the teeth. It is a myth that has been circulating for a very long time. Generally, people have their first scaling session at 40 years of age, that means they have plaque and calculus deposits that are just as old, hence their gums and bone have already undergone changes that are irreversible. We at NRQ Executive Dental Practice always explain before starting the dental treatment: the outcome of having scaling done according to an individual’s oral health status as we believe, a patient has the right to know the outcome of the procedure in order to be mentally prepared for any further treatment that might be required after the scaling procedure.

Will scaling create gaps in my teeth?

This is the second most commonly asked question regarding this dental treatment! Find the answer below:

People who have no gaps present in their teeth and have their scaling done routinely will have no gaps after a scaling procedure. If there are no gaps prior to this dental treatment, but due to delays in having scaling procedures done routinely, a person may result in gaps after scaling. However, We at NRQ Executive Dental Practice inform before starting the procedure about the outcome as well as the reason why there may be spaces between the teeth. Sometimes delay in scaling procedure will result in flared or spaces in teeth which are noticeable by the patient themselves. Scaling will not reverse those gaps, however scaling can stop its progression further. Aging is also a reason for gaps to increase between the teeth. However, gaps due to aging are independent of the presence of the cleanliness of the tooth surfaces, that is the occurrence of plaque or calculus, or the procedure of scaling.

We at NRQ Executive Dental Practice have a team of professionals to provide you with the best dental treatments in Karachi. We do everything to serve you with the best quality dental treatment. Our services are accessible in three different locations in Karachi. The Different locations Include Hill Park General Hospital located in the heart of the city at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Southcity Hospital and Dar-ul-sehat Hospital.


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